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I believe in doing things the right way, no cutting corners (just hair ;) ), I love hairdressing and I've spent most of my life mastering the craft. Working with passion and pride allows me to deliver always the best service to any client. I have my own mobile tools which allow me to be fast and clean in serving any client and leaving the place with no mess once the service is finished. So if you are looking for a qualified and enthusiastic professional, look no further!

Roberto's Price List

Haircut £20
Beard Trim £10
Haircut & Beard Trim £25
Child under 13/Over 65 Haircut £15
Bleaching/dying/highlighting from £15



Hello, I am Nico, a passionate and considerate barber who will give you a full professional consultation of the service you require and how it will affect you for the best result possible. Call me for a haircut to write home about.

Nico's Price List

Haircut (Grades 1-8) £25
Skin Fade Haircut £30
Beard Trim / Shape £15
Wet Shave £30
Haircut & Beard £35
Haircut & Wet Shave £40
Patterns: Price on Request

  • Very polite and pleasant to talk to.
    — Alexander
  • Nico was great, I will definitely book him again in future.
    — Joel
  • Amazing service from Nico, will definitely use again.
    — Paul



Hi there, I am Simone - a friendly and refined gentleman's hairdresser. Highly professional and very skilled in scissor cutting to deliver modern and traditional hairstyles.

Simone's Price List

Haircut £25
Beard Trim £15
Haircut & Beard Trim £30
Kids Haircut £18

  • My barber was great, on time, cut it how I asked & left no mess, would book him again.
    — Dan
  • I would like to personally thank Simone for his professionalism & patience while cutting my son's hair & I will definitely want Simone back for his next haircut, Many Thanks!
    — Fergal
  • Seriously, Simone was concientous and took care to ask what style, length, etc. Will definitely book him again.
    — Toni



Friendly, polite and chatty barber, experienced in all manner of men's cuts, including fades, scissor cuts and wet shaves. I can travel all over London.

Kane's Price List

Haircut £20
Beard Trim £10
Wet Shave £15
Haircut & Beard Trim £25
Haircut & Wet Shave £30
Kids Haircut £12

  • The service was great. Kane the barber was such a nice guy and did an amazing job.
    — David
  • Kane is a great stylist.
    — Piere
  • Kane was really friendly, chatty and did a great job on my hair, I will definitely request him again.
    — Mike



London barber focused on getting you the cut you want, be it scissor, clipper, short and sharp, classic and crafted, or mid-length and messy, let's get you looking on point!

Alex's Price List

Haircut £20
Skin Fade £28
All Over Clipper Cut £15
Beard Trim £10
Haircut & Beard Trim £30
Skin Fade & Beard Trim £32

  • By far the best cut and best barber I've had! She was great! So friendly and funny as well as giving me a great cut. I'm definitely booking her next time!
    — Lee
  • Alex is an amazing hairdresser - my hair never looked so good!
    — Gary
  • Brilliant cut, thanks Alex, will book again.
    — James

layke mobile barber


Hi guys, I am a modern barber who is friendly, reliable and keen to ensure you have the exact result you want. Intent on listening to my clients' needs and keeping on top of new trends so I am always well informed to advise best.

Layke's Price List

Haircut £25
Beard Trim £15
Haircut & Beard Trim £30
Kids Haircut £18

  • Barber did a fantastic job, will be using again.
    — Paul
  • Good guy, good haircut.
    — John
  • Great service as always, thank you! Excellent Barber.
    — Shahid



Hi! I am Danny, an always happy and professional hairdresser with 12 years of experience in high end hairdressing. I can work with a variety of hair types and deliver any style desired, always putting the client first and tailoring services to each client specifically.

Danny's Price List

Haircut £25
Beard Trim £11
Wet Shave £15
Haircut & Beard Trim £30
Haircut & Wet Shave £35
Kids Haircut £15

  • I just wanted to say a thank you, Daniel did a great job. Very professional! I had a nice haircut after many bad experiences.
    — Guy
  • I've had my hair cut by the same barber for about 25 years, and when I got home the other day with my new Get Smooth haircut from Danny, my wife said it's the best she's seen my hair looking!
    — Simon
  • Danny was great!
    — Dylan